Sharad Pawar attacks PM Narendra Modi, says PM has no wife or children, does not understand family

Pawar's comments came almost a week after Modi had made scathing remarks about infighting in NCP chief`s family.

Sharad Pawar attacks PM Narendra Modi, says PM has no wife or children, does not understand family File photo

New Delhi: Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for talking about his family members and said that the PM has no wife or children and hence does not understand the importance of a family. 

"There is no one in his family, how would he know how a family functions and how one takes care of son and wife. This is also the reason why he keeps peeping into others' homes. It is not good to peep into other people's house Modi ji. I can also say a lot but I won't stoop to a low level," Pawar said while addressing a rally. 

The NCP chief added that PM Modi keeps on mentioning him in his speeches and hence, has been giving him a 'free publicity'. 

"People are feeling that if he talking about this person, there must be something in him. And even when he talks, he says that Pawar is a good person but has family problems because there is no coordination between his family members," he said.

"I want to say that my nephews have grown up and have taken their responsibilities. I only had one daughter who has gotten married. I wanted to ask him what has he got to do with whatever is happening in my family. But then I realised I have my wife, daughter, son-in-law, nephews visit us, but he has no one," Pawar added.

Pawar's comments came after Modi made scathing remarks about infighting that has been going in former's family.

"There was a time when Sharad Pawar thought that he too could become the Prime Minister. He first announced that he would contest the election but suddenly stated that he is happy in the Rajya Sabha. This is because they also know which side the wind is blowing. Also, a family war is going on in the NCP. The party was founded by Sharad Pawar. However, his nephew is slowly capturing the party. For this reason, the NCP is also facing trouble in ticket sharing," Modi had said during a rally in Wardha.