Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Narendra Modi over Rafale, rising oil prices; calls MP CM 'announcement machine'

Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi over note ban, rising oil prices and Rafale deal in MP

Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Narendra Modi over Rafale, rising oil prices; calls MP CM 'announcement machine'

REWA: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi yet again over demonetisation, farmers' loan waiver, Rafale deal and rising oil prices and accused the BJP government of making false promises to the people before coming to power.

Criticising the Centre's note ban move, the Congress chief said while the exercise forced innocent people to stand in serpentine queues, it helped the corrupt to convert their black money into white.

The Gandhi scion made these remarks while addressing a huge gathering of Congress supporters in Baikunthpur town of the Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh.

"Note ban was brought with a promise to purge the system of black money... The common man was made to stand in queues across the country. But the fact is that the sole purpose of imposing demonetisation was to facilitate the conversion of black money into white," the Congress chief said.

Rahul also dared the Prime Minister to disclose how much black money returned to the banking system.

Sharpening his attack on the Centre, Rahul said, ''As if note ban was not enough, now the government has brought 'Gabbar Singh Tax' (GST), which has hit the small traders hard, posing a serious threat to their livelihood. The money being collected in the name of GST is being used to fill the pockets of the likes of Anil Ambani."

"The next time Modi ji comes here, ask him why he bought a Rs 526 crore jet for Rs 1,600 crore? Why he snatched contract from HAL and gave it to his industrial friend? The UPA had given the contract to HAL so that youth from Bengaluru and from Madhya Pradesh could get jobs. But Modiji came and snatched that contract from HAL," Rahul said.

He said that PM Modi "wrote off Rs 1,50,000 crore of loan of his 15 industrial friends" but refused to waive small loans of the farmers. 

Rahul Gandhi assured that if his party came to power in the poll-bound state, education and health care services will be put back on track and the government will work for every section of the society. 

"If the Congress is voted to power, we will waive farmers` loan within 10 days. It would not be put off for the 11th day, I assure you," he said.

During his speech, Rahul also targeted Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and said that people have started calling Chouhan as "announcement machine" as he has made around 20,000 announcements (of development/welfare schemes) without fulfilling most of them.

"The Chief Minister says the state's roads are better than US roads. The fact is there are more potholes than the road. You cannot travel here," he said.

He said half of the total workforce in the state is working on a contractual basis. In the absence of permanent jobs, their future is uncertain. 

Rahul Gandhi is on a two-day visit to poll-bound Madhya Pradesh. 

He had visited Chitrakoot - a religious town associated with Lord Rama - in Satna district of the state on Thursday where he offered prayers at the famous Kamta Nath temple.

Speaking at a public meeting in Chitrakoot, he had targeted PM Modi over the Rafale fighter jet deal, saying the country's "chowkidar" (watchman) has committed "chori" (theft). 

He also held a road show while on his way to Rewa from Satna on Thursday night.