Asim Riaz drops debut rap song 'Back to Start' on Eid - Watch

On the occasion of Eid, Asim Riaz of Bigg Boss 13 fame surprised fans with his debut rap song titled 'Back to Start' and fans can't stop listening to the track.

  • Model and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz debuted as a rapper with his new song 'Back to Start'
  • He had written the song in 2015 and was working on releasing it since then
  • The song is based on his career struggle

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Asim Riaz drops debut rap song 'Back to Start' on Eid - Watch YouTube: Back to Start music video

Mumbai: 'Bigg Boss 13' star and model Asim Riaz dropped his debut track as a rapper on the occasion of Eid on Friday. Titled "Back to Start", Asim has written his debut song besides singing it.

Asim says he had the number with him since 2015 and wanted to polish it before putting it out there for listeners. 

Check out the trendy song


"We take a look around us and we see that everything is changing and so much of the good change is being embraced. I had 'Back to start' with me since 2015 and I wanted to polish it till I was ready to put it out there for the listeners," he said.

"I'm very pumped that its release. My wish for everybody this Eid is to have the strength to embrace changes and hustle their way forward," Asim added. 

The rap number depicts his days of struggle, right from the start of his career, and is released under Sony Music India.