I usually get to sing intricate songs: Javed Ali

Javed is currently one of the judges of "Superstar Singer", a music reality show for children. 

I usually get to sing intricate songs: Javed Ali Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Mumbai: Popular Bollywood playback singer Javed Ali says most composers offer him to sing songs that are either semi-classical or are intricate in their composition.

"I usually get to sing songs that have 'harqat', and are semi-classical or more intricate. Songs that have a range... perhaps because of my voice that can easily manage high and low notes. But honestly, I do not think it is to my credit. If my singing leaves a long-lasting effect in the mind of the listeners, it is the blessing of the Almighty."

Son of qawwali singer Hamid Hussain, Javed started his training in singing from a young age. While he believes that formal training and regular practice is very important for a singer, the "Kun faya kun" famed singer said: "One has to be blessed to have a voice that creates impact... Leaving an impact is a different thing, and I can only thank the Almighty for gifting me that.

"Until I started performing in public, when at the end of the concert people would come to me with teary eyes and say that my performance took them to a trance zone, I had no idea that I can create an impact with my singing."

Javed is currently one of the judges of "Superstar Singer", a music reality show for children. It is being aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

What does he look for in the participants?

Javed said: "One of the interesting things about watching a kid perform is that they are too innocent to understand how talented they are... they have no inhibitions."

"If you ask them to sing, they will sing based on whatever training and practice they have. Especially during auditions, I have seen that their performance is so unadulterated... it is amazing. I actually learn these things from them," added the singer.

As a talent who has worked with several music directors like Shankar Mahadevan, A.R. Rahman and Pritam, what has he learnt from all these icons?

Javed said: "I have to say that I am very fortunate to have worked with these people. When it comes to Rahman sir, he somehow finds things in me that even I am not aware of... He gives his singers the freedom and let them be, but when I hear the final song, it is so magical that I have no idea that I can sing such a composition. That is his sheer brilliance.

"On the other hand, Pritam da tends to give me songs that have a much higher note... I think he loves high pitch singing. He gives me those challenges and I take them as they come. He tends to make me sing very cut to cut," shared Javed, who lent his voice for some of Pritam's compositions like "Sauda Hai", "Aa jao meri tamanna", "Tu jo mila" and "Aira gaira".

Amit Trivedi, he said, has a very different and "quirky" style of composing and of using the voice of a singer.