Delhi wants permanent Odd-Even, finds survey

As per the survey, 5.4 out of 10 people gave a satisfactory response to the car rationing scheme.

Delhi wants permanent Odd-Even, finds survey

New Delhi: Delhi wants the Odd-Even traffic rationing scheme to be implemented permanently - this is what a survey by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry has found.

The survey with a sample size of over 1,000 people from Delhi-NCR aimed to find out whether the Delhi government's ambitious Odd-Eve scheme was a success or a failure.

"Majority of respondents want the rule to be implemented on a permanent basis as this parameter has scored 6.2 out of 10," PHD said in a statement.

As per the survey, 5.4 out of 10 people gave a satisfactory response to the car rationing scheme.


While people acknowledged that fewer vehicles on the roads meant reduced travel time, however the reduction in their eyes was not to the desired extent.

"Although some parts of Delhi have seen reduction in traffic, yet some areas suffer from traffic congestion. Some parts of Delhi need proper regulation of traffic and better road networks," said Saurabh Sanyal, secretary general of PHD Chamber.

The survey found that most commuters were not inclined towards buying an additional car if the Odd-Even rule is implemented permanently.

People rated the public transport system poorly (4.3 out of 10) during the ongoing rationing scheme that started on April 15 and concludes on April 30 (tomorrow).

"For the success of this rule, the public transport system needs to be strengthened to ensure connectivity to far away areas and availability of means of transport at every point," Sanyal said.

"The office hours should be made flexible so that traffic is distributed evenly," he added.

According to the survey, if the Odd-Even rule is followed and implemented in letter and spirit, it will help bring down pollution in the capital.

"Plantation drives should be actively carried out by the government in all parts of the city to make (Delhi) greener and cleaner," Sanyal said.

The first phase of the Odd-Even scheme was conducted from January 1 to 15 this year.

(With IANS inputs)

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