Vitamin A derivative helps in treating obesity and type 2 diabetes

London: Vitamin A derivative helps in treating obesity and type 2 diabetes and prevents their cardiovascular complications, according to researchers at the University of Montreal and CHUM Research Centre (CRCHUM).

Daniel-Constantin Manolescu, the first author of the study asserted that in obese and insulin resistant mice, retinoic acid reduced the risk of cardiac apoptosis, stimulated the expression of cardio-protective genes reduced by the disease, and protected against the accumulation of collagen in the cardiac muscle, which avoided the occurrence of fibrosis and possible associated future complications.

Manolescu said that blood glucose, insulin resistance, body weight, and adipocyte size were significantly decreased in treated animals, including abdominal fat, while dietary intake and physical activity were similar for treated or non-treated animals.

Dr. Pangala V. Bhat said that Vitamine A was a bioactive nutrient.The originality of their project was in addressing obesity and type 2 diabetes through the involvement of retinoids and they had attracted international attention and were named among 12 teams in the world to bring conclusive data in this regard.

Dr. Jean-Louis Chiasson said that their studies on animals showed that retinoic acid induced normalization of blood glucose and reduction of obesity.

The findings were presented at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Nutrition Society in Saint John's, Newfoundland.