Early pregnancy test: Know the Pros and Cons

It is natural to feel excited after the news of your pregnancy is confirmed. 

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: After one comes across the news of a positive pregnancy, all one can feel is happiness and excitement. Pregnancy is certainly the most beautiful period of a woman's life.


It is natural to feel excited after the news is confirmed but do you think that taking a pregnancy test early is a feasible option, as there are chances that you might face disappointment too.

Still want to take an early test, know here the pros and cons:


-It makes you sure and you are no more in a stressful condition if the test is positive.

-One can be careful and vigilant to avoid any lapse during early pregnancy thereby reducing the chances of a miscarriage.



-If the result is negative, you feel disappointed and down.

-Wastage of money is certainly there.