Now, 'meat treat' that keeps hangovers at bay


London: With the Christmas parties soon upon us, the hangover-treatment industry is inventing new and enticing cures.

One of the latest miracle cures to hit the shelves in 2015 is a meat snack, developed by Serious Pig, a Peckham-based craft meat business, the Independent reported.

'Hangover Cured' claims to stop a hangover before it has even begun. A high-protein snack consisting of chilli and ginger, Serious Pig believes it to be the world's first hangover-preventing meat snack.

According to the curers, the snack is supposed to be eaten while drinking to prevent a hangover kicking in and with its nausea- and fatigue-fighting properties, this can surely be no ordinary sausage.

But Charlotte Stirling-Read, expert nutritionist at the Association for Nutrition, thinks that while it is a good idea to eat food and not drink on an empty stomach, there might be healthier options. 

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