Watch: World's first child exoskeleton lets disabled kids walk again!

Image credits: CSIC

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: In a major medical breakthroughs, researchers from Spanish National Reserach Council (SNRC) have recently designed a child-sized exoskeleton which helps children suffering from spinal muscular atrophy to walk, according to the reports of Huffington Post UK.

Researchers says that the exoskeleton is a life-saving device and it is designed in such a way that one can adjust increase its size as the height of the child grows.

The total weight of the device is 12 kg and made from a mixture of aluminum and advanced titanium.

The device fits around child's torso and leg and a series of small yet powerful motors in the it's joints mimics the muscle movement's of the child.

Watch the video to know more about this amazing exoskeleton:

(Video credits: CSIC Comunicación)