Know the wonders of yogurt!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Yogurt is thick, creamy and above all, has a good taste. It is considered as one of the most accessible foods and a wonderful source of nutrients which are essential for good health. One must include yogurt in their daily diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some health benefits of yogurt:

Weight loss: Good news for those who want to lose weight as yogurt helps you in getting rid of that extra fat. Studies have shown that daily consumption of calcium through yoghurt helps the body use its stored fats. And thus, it aids you in reducing weight.

Makes bone healthy: Yogurt contains calcium and vitamin D which are very essential to maintain healthy bones. The calcium it contains, helps to maintain and strengthen the bones. It also helps to prevent bone related problems like osteoporosis.

Lower high blood pressure: Yogurt helps in lowering blood pressure because of the presence of potassium in it. It is not only rich in calcium but also in potassium.

Boosts immune system: Daily consumption of yogurt is good for health as it helps to produce higher levels of immune system in the body. It also helps in stimulating infection-fighting white cells in the bloodstream.

Good for skin: Yogurt not only provides you with internal benefits but also gives you other physical advantages. It is good for skin as it contains lactic acid which acts as an exfoliator that helps in getting rid of dead cells. Yogurt can also be used as a face pack for beautiful skin.

So, start eating yogurt daily for good health!