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Five ways to tackle migraine

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

Migraine headaches are one of the most painful things that a person can experience.

It can be triggered by many factors like stress, strong odours, hormones, dietary changes and smoking.

Here are some ways to tackle migraine:

1 Don't skip meals:

Lack of nutrients can lead to a dreadful headache. Even if you have a busy schedule, find a way to have healthy snacks throughout the day, even if you cannot manage to have three full meals.

Do not wait too far into the day to consume your first full meal as this can also trigger migraine headaches.

2 Work Out:

Engaging in physical activity on a daily basis can minimize the number of migraine headaches.

Exercising too much can cause them too although it is a good way to prevent headaches. Adjust your workout routines according to what works best for you.

3 Watch the Caffeine:

Migraine headaches can be caused by drinking too many products that are high in caffeine.

Instead of caffeine drinks substitute it with water, juices or caffeine free drinks.

4 Avoid bright lights:

Avoid bright or flashing lights as migraine headaches can be triggered when a person is exposed to them. Do not to look directly at them as they can cause migraines. When you are outside, wear sunglasses as it decreases one's chances of suffering a migraine.

5 Get a good sleep:

Try and maintain a regular sleep schedule as changes in sleep patterns can affect the quality of sleep cycles and trigger migraines. If possible go to bed at the same time everyday to avoid migraine.