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Former Chinese envoy reiterates Beijing's support to 'old ally' Pakistan, says 'don't see Pakistan as terrorist state'

Former Chinese ambassador to India Sun Yoxi downplays Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Pakistan is mothership of terrorism' barb.

Former Chinese envoy reiterates Beijing's support to 'old ally' Pakistan, says 'don't see Pakistan as terrorist state'

New Delhi: Downplaying Prime Minister Narendra Modi's claim of Pakistan being 'mothership of terrorism' barb, former Chinese ambassador to India Sun Yoxi on Tuesday came in the support of its 'old ally' and said that the world must not forget about the great contribution made by Islamabad in its fight against terrorism. 

Yuxi was speaking at a BRICS media event when he said that its strategic ally has never sponsored any terrorist forces and activities. 

"I saw Pakistan's contribution in fighting against terror. They are helping China fighting against the group called the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and they have made sacrifices," Yuxi said.

"But I have never heard of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism," he added. 

Answering a question on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's criticism of Islamabad in aiding and abetting terror groups against India, China's former ambassador to India Sun Yuxi said, "I have never seen it. I need to see in order to believe it."

When asked about Pakistan creating unrest in Kashmir Valley and nurturing terrorists against India, Yuxi he refused to comment and said that Kashmir dispute is between India and Pakistan and China would not intervene in the matter. 

"We enjoy very close relation with Islamabad, however, Kashmir is an issue between India and Pakistan and China will not comment or intervene in the matter," Yuxi said. 

"Both India and Pakistan must resolve the matter by talks," he added. 

The Chinese diplomat also evaded question on Beijing blocking India's bid to get Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar declared UN-designated terrorist. 

This is the second time in a day when China openly came in support of Pakistan and opposed linking the country as a 'terrorism sponsored state'.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had branded Pakistan a 'mothership of terrorism' while speaking at a summit of the BRICS nations.

Reacting sharply to PM Modi's statement, China defended its all-weather ally, saying it is against linking any country or religion with terror and asked the world community to acknowledge Pakistan's "great sacrifices".

"We oppose terrorism in all forms and we believe that international concerted efforts are needed to ensure stability and security of all countries," the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said.

"We oppose linking terrorism with any specific ethnicity or religion. This is our long-standing position. China and Pakistan are all-weather friends," she said.

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