Navy war-room leak: Case falling apart

Extradition case against Ravi Shankaran appears to be falling apart as a UK court raised doubts over a secret evidence provided by Govt of India.

London: The extradition case against Ravi
Shankaran, the main accused in the Naval war-room leak
case, appears to be falling apart as a UK court appointed
cyber forensic expert has raised doubts over a secret evidence
provided by Government of India.

The prosecutors had earlier presented secret evidence
about an e-mail with an attachment of Sir Creek sent by
Commander Virender Rana to a person called Vic Branson of
Inmaty company in Belgium, which they claimed was owned by

These attachments they alleged had material which
compromised the integrity of India.

UK`s Crown Prosecution service is fighting the case on
behalf of India which has sought his extradition on the
charges of fraud and criminal conspiracy. His passport has
been revoked.

The Judge noted that the alleged e-mail by Vic Branson to
Rana, produced by the prosecution as the main evidence
against Shankaran, had no date and time and an independent
court approved expert has confirmed that it is not possible to
create an email, type 11 words, attach 8 documents and then
save it all in 2 seconds only.

Cyber forensic expert Jason Coyne has, according to the
judge, stated that such an e-mail could not have been sent
based on the evidence produced by Government of India.

Earlier James Lewis, representing Shankaran, pointed out
that Coyne`s conclusion on the e-mail in question "has
completely destroyed the Indian Government`s case" against

The Judge at the City of Westminster Magistrates` Court
put off the hearing after a plea from the Crown Prosecution
Service John Hardy, who sought time to consult Government of

The hearing about admissibility of the extradition case
against Shankaran, will be held for two days from October 10,
District Judge Nicholas Evans said.

The judge said the court had set apart two days - today
and tomorrow - to resolve the admissibility issue.

He said he was aware of the fact that any delay means
"considerable expense to Shankaran who is fighting his own


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