ND Tiwari’s OSD involved in sex scandal: Report

Fmr AP Governor ND Tiwari`s OSD Aryendra Sharma is under scanner for his role in getting the women featuring in the sex tape inside the Raj Bhavan.

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: In a major twist to the sex scandal involving former Andhra Pradesh Governor ND Tiwari, his Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Aryendra Sharma is now under scanner for his role in getting the women featuring in the sex tape inside the Raj Bhavan, claimed reports on Wednesday.

According to reports published in a leading daily, The Indian Express, Chief Security Officer of the Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan, Mohammed Shokat Ali has revealed that Sharma “exclusively handled” the visits of the women featuring in the tape.

Ali has also disclosed that being a close confidant of Tiwari, the OSD facilitated a smooth entry for those women and kept no records of their visits.

Ali further alleged that Sharma often violated the security protocol and norms to ensure that no official record of their presence was kept.
As per the security norms, the record of each visitor, his name and address, entry and exit time is registered, but in the case of these women, the record was kept only on paper.

Overriding security protocol and defying the security checks, Sharma used to instruct the security staff posted at the checkpost that such and such car belonging to the Raj Bhavan’s Motor Transport Department carrying ‘important guests’ of the Governor should be allowed a hassle-free entry with no frisking or identification checks.

Ali further revealed that the OSD, having certain powers and privileges from the Governor, facilitated the entry of these women inside the Raj Bhavan in the name of “family members” or “important guests”.

These women mostly visited Raj Bhawan late in the night and nobody intercepted them since OSD himself entertained them and arranged for their entry.
The security procedure at the Governor’s House requires clearance from the Intelligence Bureau only then can anyone get an appointment with the Governor. The OSD makes arrangements usually for guests visiting Raj Bhavan, however in this case the security norms were often over-ruled.

The startling disclosures made by the Chief Security Officer is likely to cause much embarrassment to the Congress party and Tiwari himself, who resigned from his post citing health ground shortly after the news of the sex scandal broke.

Tiwari had earlier rubbished reports against him as "fabricated and false" and said he will continue to be in public life. He also sought to link it with the ongoing agitation over Telangana statehood.

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