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Bloody bus attack in Ukraine as troops abandon airport

Shelling hit a trolleybus in war-torn east Ukraine`s Donetsk on Thursday and killed at least 13 people, an official said, hours after peace talks in Berlin called for a ceasefire.

Bloody bus attack in Ukraine as troops abandon airport

Donetsk: At least 41 people were killed in Ukraine's east , one of the deadliest days in the separatist war, with a bloody bus shelling in Donetsk as government forces abandoned their defence of the city's strategic airport.

In a graphic illustration of the degenerating nine-month conflict, pro-Russian rebels also paraded some 20 captured Ukrainian soldiers through Donetsk and forced them to kneel before enraged locals who threw snowballs and glass at them, some of it from the shattered bus.

The trolleybus shelling in the rebel bastion city was the day's bloodiest incident, with 13 civilians killed and Kiev alleging that ultimate blame for the tragedy rested with Russia.

The violence came only hours after peace talks in Berlin called for a ceasefire and as the toll from the conflict surpassed 5,000 dead, with a million people also forced from their homes.

Another 10,000 have been wounded by rocket and mortar strikes raining down daily on the industrial region's residential districts, Michael Bociurkiw of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe told Ukrainian radio.

With intensifying clashes rocking Donetsk airport in recent days, Ukraine's military said early Thursday that its troops had abandoned most of the site.

The airport had become the symbolic prize of the conflict, with the army and rebels continuously battling for control.

Defence officials said fighting continued around the ruins of the air hub once one of eastern Europe's most modern and busiest but they admitted that government forces controlled little more than a few isolated buildings on its outskirts.

The trolleybus shelling was among the bloodiest incidents involving civilians in recent months in a conflict that has devastated the ex-Soviet republic's industrial heartland and brought Ukraine's economy to its knees.

Stunned Donetsk residents gathered around the shredded remains of the bus, with bloodied bodies of elderly victims sprawled in their seats hours after the attack and local militias cautiously inspecting the damage.

An official with the city's emergency services said 12 people died in the bus while another was killed in a passing car.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the attack "a monstrous crime" whose ultimate responsiblity rested with "'the party of war' in Kiev and its foreign sponsors."

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk made similar charges against Moscow, accusing the insurgents of committing "a horrible act against humanity."