Anupam Kher labels 'healthy people harmful, pedestrians extremely dangerous for country': WATCH

Veteran actor Anupam Kher has been winning accolades from all over for his impeccable performance in his last release 'The Kashmir Files'. The actor is known to often grab headlines for sharing his views and thoughts on trending topics. 


Anupam Kher labels 'healthy people harmful, pedestrians extremely dangerous for country': WATCH File photo

NEW DELHI: Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is no doubt one of the most established names in the entertainment industry. The actor started his carrer in films in 1982 and has acted in more than 500 films so far. He was recently seen in Vivek Agnihotri's drama flick 'The Kashmir Files' and won accolades for his performance. 

Lately, Anupam has been making to headlines for his bold statements and revelations. The actor often expresses his views and opinions on trending topics. On Thursday, the actor dropped a video featuring himself where he is seen giving his reactions to the inflation and rising prices of fuels in the country. The video is a satirical take on the price rise and how it is adversely affecting the public. 

In the video, Anupam Kher sarcastically describes cyclists as the disaster for the country, healthy people as bad for the economy, and pedestrians extremly dangerous. "Cycling is very harmful for the economy of any country. It may sound funny, but it's the truth, the harsh truth. A cyclist is a big disaster for the country as he is not buying a car, does not take a loan, doesn't get car insurance, doesn't purchase fuel, doesn't get the car serviced, and does not even pay for the parking space. Moreover, he doesn't gain weignt either."

The national-award winnner adds, "It is true that a healthy person is not at all right for the economy. Because he doesn't buy or consume medicines as he doesn't need them, he doesn't go to the hospital or see a doctor. This way, he is not contributing to the GDP of the nation. In contrast, a fast food shop creates 30 jobs, including 10 heart doctors, physicians, and people involved in the business of weight loss. Moreover, a pedestrian is even more dangerous than a cyclist as he is not even investing in a cycle."

Watch the video shared by Anuapam Kher below:


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At the end, Anupam clarified that the video shared by him was a satire and asked his fans to not take it seriously. He mentioned that through this video, he did not intend to make fun of cyclists or poor. "Introducing a satire! Advantages of cycling and its disadvantages for the government!!!" he wrote in the caption.

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