‘Govinda ji will get good work once he fires his current manager’: Kashmera Shah takes a dig at Sunita Ahuja

Kashmera Shah took a dig at Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja, who is also manager of the actor. "If he (Govinda) fires his current manager, he will get good work," claimed Krushna Abhishek's wife.

‘Govinda ji will get good work once he fires his current manager’: Kashmera Shah takes a dig at Sunita Ahuja
Pic courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: The family rift between actor Govinda and his actor comedian nephew Krushna Abhishek doesn’t seem to end. Krushna’s wife actress Kashmera Shah has taken a dig at Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja, who is also the actor’s manager. Kashmera claimed that Govinda will get good work if he fires his manager.

“Govinda ji needs a better manager,” Kashmera told Hindustan Times. She further added, “If he fires his current manager (his wife Sunita Ahuja) and gets a good manager who actually wants him to get good work, then things can happens. Jo abhi unka kam dekh raha hai is very bad. Govinda ji is a very talented actor and he should not be sitting at home.”

Kashmera also claimed that she wished Krushna’s family was like Salman Khan’s where everyone supports their family members. “I also want to be part of that family like the Salman Khan family... They always push their people. Why can’t each family be like that? I wish Krushna’s family had pushed him. Had they done that it would have been beneficial to the entire family. They are filled with great, talented people but koi kisi ko push nahi karta,” claimed Kashmera.

Earlier, Sunita had claimed that families split up because of bad ‘daughter-in-laws’ - alluding towards Kashmera. To which the latter hit back saying “Who is Sunita she has no identity of her own apart from her husband’s fame whereas I am an actress.” Govinda has maintained a steady silence on the matter.

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