Kerry Katona's struggles with back woes and pet dog

Meanwhile, Kerry Katona previously confessed she needs a "break" from her kids.

Kerry Katona's struggles with back woes and pet dog Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Los Angeles: Singer Kerry Katona is struggling owing to back problems and her pet dog Paddy.

In her column for new! magazine, Kerry has confessed that she is struggling with household chores because of her pet pooch Paddy's struggles, reports

"I nearly spat out my tea when I read that Gemma Collins has got herself a team of staff to help with the housework. Send them over to my place Gem - I could do with a village of staff. I'm struggling to keep up with all the chores because of my ongoing back problems - I have to sit down after a couple of hours and that frustrates me. And it doesn't help that our dog Paddy is currently incontinent - the amount of wee stains all over the carpet means it's totally ruined! But that's real life. Fancy swapping places Gemma," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Kerry previously confessed she needs a "break" from her kids.

The singer turned television personality - who has Molly, 18, Lilly-Sue, 16, Heidi, 2, Max, 11, and five-year-old Dylan-Jorge from previous relationships - is very "proud" of the way she copes as a lone parent but admitted it can be difficult not having a lot of support close by.

She said: "I'm really proud of myself. I live in a six-bedroom, three-storey house down south on my own where I have no childcare. I've started to make a network of new friends and they help me out with the children from time to time but there are moments when I sit in my bathroom and think, 'I just want a break'. It's bloody hard! I love my kids but they drive me crazy sometimes."