Swiss Rail Company creates world record for longest train; Here's how it compares to India's Super Vasuki

The world record for the longest passenger is now held by the Swiss Railway company's 1.9-kilometer-long train which is half the size of India's longest train, Super Vasuki.

Swiss Rail Company creates world record for longest train; Here's how it compares to India's Super Vasuki Image Source- Twitter

With a journey on one of the most breathtaking tracks through the Alps, a Swiss railway company on Saturday claimed the title of the longest passenger train in history. 100 carriages made up the 1.9-kilometer (1.2-mile) Albula/Bernina train that the Rhaetian Railway company operated between Preda and Berguen. The route, which crosses 48 bridges, including the curving Landwasser Viaduct, and passes through 22 tunnels, some of which wind through mountains, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. The entire journey took over an hour. Rail enthusiasts lined the valley to watch the train's 25 sections wind their way about 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) through the Alps. Rhaetian Railway director Renato Fasciati said the record attempt was intended to highlight some of Switzerland's engineering achievements and to celebrate 175 years of Swiss railways.

India's Longest train: Super Vasuki

When talking about long trains it is hard to keep the mind off the name Super Vasuki, the longest freight train ever, operated by Indian Railways. The 3.5-km-long Super Vasuki freight train, which is the longest and heaviest in all of India, just underwent a test run between Rajnandgao in Nagpur and Korba in Chhattisgarh with 295 loaded wagons carrying over 27,000 tonnes of coal. Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw posted a video of the train going past the Kothari Road station on his Twitter account. In contrast, Australia's BHP Iron Ore is the world's longest freight train with a length of 7.352 kilometres (also the longest train overall).

Watch Video of India's Longest train: Super Vasuki

India's Longest train vs World's longest passenger train

India's longest train the Super Vasuki is 3.5-km-long which when compared to the world's longest passenger train is almost twice in length. Moreover, the massive length of the train is composed of 295 loaded wagons which is almost thrice the carriages pulled by the world's longest passenger train.

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