Telugu remake of ’96 to have these changes in the story

The remake will be directed by Prem Kumar

Telugu remake of ’96 to have these changes in the story

When a film is being remade, it can be made in several ways when it comes to the presentation. Especially, changes in the script, climax, introduction, screen play and nativity will definitely be done. This is what is going to happen with the Telugu remake of Tamil blockbuster film ’96.

As the remake of the film is official, let's go into details and check whether there are any possibilities of having some changes in the story, or the screenplay. The remake will be directed by Prem Kumar, who also directed the Tamil version and will have Sharwanand and Samantha in the lead roles.

Basically, in the Tamil one, the screenplay runs according to the situations and then the flash back. So it keeps going back and forth to the present and the past. The flash back plays quite an important role in the films and it is in fact the most important part. How Ram and Janu met, since when were they friends, who all are their friends and a lot is shown in the childhood episode. In fact what triggers to the love in between them is shown in these episodes only. But looks like majority of these things are going to be cut in the Telugu remake.

So the change in the story here is that Samantha and Sharwanand are going to be college mates, in the batch and for academic year 2009 and they will meet in a reunion in 2019. Which means, in the original version it was 22 years and in remake, it will be just 10 years.