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Valentine's Day 2018: These poems will melt your beloved's heart

This Valentine's, surprise your loved one with these adorable poems.

Valentine's Day 2018: These poems will melt your beloved's heart
Image Courtesy: Pixabay image used for representation purpose only.

New Delhi: It's that time of the year again when everything feels magical for those in love. The time to show your partner just how much they mean to you and the time to make promises that you intend to fulfil. The Valentine week starting from February 7 to 14 is filled with love that keeps the heart racing.

So this Valentine's, surprise your beloved with these adorable poems.


Amidst the winter cold, 

Your hand I wish to hold, 

Let's share our happiness and sorrows,

Let me be the sun of all your tomorrows.  

Happy Valentine's, king of my heart,

I knew I'd love you, from the start!                                                                                                       


I enter the place where I found paradise

In your eyes, love and beauty lie;

Your smile is what matters the most,

Happy Valentine's sweetheart,

To your beauty, let's raise a toast.



The moon and stars whisper in my ear,

 You're the one- the Juliet to my Romeo,

 & the Kate to my Leo.

 There aren't words to express, my dear

 What I feel, What I see, 

 Whenever you appear, my heart fills with glee.



All the smiles and sweet anxiety, 

The desire to fight the world for you,

I always pray to the all mighty,

That when I wake up, you're the view. 

 So my dear Valentine,

 Tell me that I'm yours, and you're mine. 



Your happiness is what matters to me,

The entire world I can give up for you,

I have no other desire than to see you smile,

This Valentine's, let's celebrate in style.

So look out of the window, at the shining sun,

remember when I said,'You're the one'.

(Image Courtesy: Pixabay images used for representation purpose only.)