Virat Kohli in 'good headspace', says run-ins with James Faulkner were 'for fun'

On-field verbal spats between Kohli and Faulkner have been picked up twice by stump microphones during the ODI series.

Virat Kohli in 'good headspace', says run-ins with James Faulkner were 'for fun'

New Delhi: Indian vice-captain Virat Kohli on Saturday played down the recent flare-ups with James Faulkner, and said that on-field exchanges with Australia all-rounder have been "just for fun".

"To be honest it's just for fun. Honestly it becomes irrelevant after a point because I don't go out onto the field thinking that I want to fight with someone," Kohli told Cricket Australia ahead of the fifth and final ODI match at Sydney.

On-field verbal spats between Kohli and Faulkner have twice been picked up by stump microphones during the ODI series.

During the third match at Melbourne, Indian batsman said to Faulkner, "I've smashed you enough in my life ... just go and bowl." It was followed by that "fast asleep" comment in Canberra on Wednesday.

"I'm in a good headspace and I'm pretty happy with where I stand and I'm trying my best for the team every time I go out there. I just like to make a bit of fun of any kind of argument out on the field," the 27-year-old added.

The right-handed batsman also felt that a little cheeky chat with the opponents reduced the stress and provide entertainment to the crowd.

"People watching should have some fun as well when they're watching the game. I think it makes the sport more entertaining.

"These things really don't bother me. I'm just having a bit of fun out there because you're playing stressful cricket all the time. There's no harm in having a little cheeky chat with your opponent sometimes," he added.