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FIFA World Cup 2018: English fans Nazi salute in Russian city invaded by Hitler

The Russians have so far been gracious hosts during FIFA World Cup 2018 but the video of English fans in Volvograd - where 2 million died during WWII, has infuriated many.

FIFA World Cup 2018: English fans Nazi salute in Russian city invaded by Hitler

A group of English fans may have - on their own - made supporters of the English football team the most despised in Russia in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018. The reason? Glorifying the Nazi Army - the same force that had laid siege to Volvograd during WWII.

That the English fans chose to give the Nazi salute, sing Hitler songs and glorify the Third Reich in the same city - Volvograd - where nearly 2 million had died in intense fighting during bitter cold months has further made them the center of ire in the country. In a video posted on social media, the group of fans are seen raising their hands in a Nazi salute as they sing songs which apparently glorify the Third Reich and its leader.

The rough translation of one of the songs reportedly goes like - “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz, Hitler’s gonna gas them again, you can’t stop them, the Yids from Tottenham, the yids from White Hart Lane.” 

The fans were at a pub and could perhaps have been intoxicated but it is not known for sure. And while the song takes a dig at Tottenham Hotspur football club, it is the fact that reference to Hitler was made in Volvograd that has deeply hurt sentiments.

Russia's Ruptly video agency reported that the bar employees refused to speak about the incident on camera but confirmed that a group of English fans had indeed come in but that their act seen in the video was missed because employees were too busy closing the bar down.

It is also reported that British police officials are working with Football Association to investigate the matter that took place in a country where inciting hatred on the basis of religion and/or race can invite punishment of up to five years in prison.