Olympian Balbir Singh Kular’s autobiography launched

New Delhi: Indian Army General, V K Singh, on Tuesday launched the autobiography of 1968 Mexico Olympic medalist, Col. (Retd) Balbir Singh Kular.

Christened as ‘Sansarpur to London Olympics’, by 1968 Mexico Olympic medalist and current national selector Col. (Retd) Balbir Singh Kular becomes, first book to be available for both computer and mobile downloads. Published by Indian Sports Books and by using the technological brilliance of handygo Techcnologies, this book attempts to reach out to Indian hockey fans world across through online and digital formats as well.

“Sansarpur to London Olympics”, co-authored by sports film maker Sunil Yash Kalra, is a unique book of personal memoir, with interesting compilation of stories, funny anecdotes, sensational revelations and heart-warming vignettes of his life in the Army and as a hockey player and coach. The book is a treasure-trove of rare photographs, some of which date back to the days of the ‘Wizard of Hockey’, Maj Dhyan Chand. In places it reads like a thriller, at others like an intimate autobiography. All in all a thunderously good read, almost unputdownable!

1968 Olympic medalist, Col Balbir Singh Kular hails from Sansarpur, a village in Punjab that has produced 14 Olympic medalists since 1932 US Olympics. Right from an early age, Col Balbir Singh was obviously marked for greatness; his upbringing at Sansarpur – the matrix of Indian hockey in the halcyon days of global supremacy – aided by his inimitable genes, burning desire to emulate his forefathers, and his induction into the Indian Army all combined to catapult him to stardom.

Col Balbir Singh’s life in the Army and as a player in the Indian hockey team and as a national coach and selector later gave him a number of memories that needed an outlet to share with the ardent fans of our national game and sport lovers in general.

At the launch Col. Singh said, “My autobiography, From Sansarpur to London Olympics, is a sincere attempt to chronicle my life, on and off the field. Aided by newspaper clips, official letters and formal exchanges for over half a century, this humble effort is aimed at hockey aficionados on various landmarks of Indian hockey, in past six decades”. He further adds “I have been fortunate to have been continuously a part of various historic events in the past six decades of Indian hockey and now the time is right to share it in exact entirety”.

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