Alex Marshall

No current international player under corruption cloud: ICC ACU Manager

For the first time ever, all 10 teams competing over the next six weeks in England and Wales will have their own dedicated anti-corruption manager, travelling with them.

May 24, 2019, 20:08 PM IST

Former Zimbabwe Cricket Director Enock Ikope banned by ICC for 10 years

Ikope was bound by the ICC Anti-Corruption Code as a result of his affiliation to the HMCA as its Chairman and to Zimbabwe Cricket as its (at the time) Director.

Mar 07, 2019, 10:49 AM IST

ICC bans former Zimbabwe Cricket director Enock Ikope for 10 years

Ikope was provisionally suspended last year after being charged for offences such as refusing to co-operate, delaying and obstruction of an investigation into possible corruption by the ACU.

Mar 06, 2019, 16:28 PM IST

Sting operation claims 'Pitch Fixed' during India-Sri Lanka Test, ICC starts probe

A Test match between India and Sri Lanka last year might have been played on a pitch doctored at the behest of match-fixers, a sting operation has claimed, prompting the ICC to launch an investigation into the matter on Saturday.

May 26, 2018, 17:22 PM IST

No evidence of corruption in 3rd Ashes Test: ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday said there was no evidence of corruption during the third Ashes Test last December, contradicting claims made by a British tabloid following a sting operation.

Feb 08, 2018, 21:06 PM IST

Strong evidence of corruption but can't take action, says ICC

The ICC on Thursday confirmed that there is "strong evidence" to indicate that the Ajman All Stars tournament is a "corrupt event" but at the same time clarified that the parent body cannot take action as it is not under their sanctioning purview.

Feb 01, 2018, 16:28 PM IST