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Dark Energy Survey

Astronomers discover oldest supernova ever detected and it happened 10.5 billion years ago

The light from the explosion has taken 10.5 billion years to reach Earth, making it the oldest supernova ever discovered and studied. 

Feb 21, 2018, 10:13 AM IST

Most accurate measurement of elusive dark matter made

Most notably, the result supports the theory that 26 percent of the universe is in the form of mysterious dark matter and that space is filled with an also-unseen dark energy, which is causing the accelerating expansion of the universe and makes up 70 percent.

Aug 04, 2017, 17:30 PM IST

Newly detailed map of dark matter may help unravel its role in galaxy formation

A newly detailed map of dark matter found in cosmos has been created by Dark Energy Survey that can help in unraveling its role in galaxy formation.

Apr 14, 2015, 12:19 PM IST