Deborra-Lee Furness

Priyanka Chopra shares moment of 'madness' with Hugh Jackman!

Priyanka Chopra enjoyed some backstage madness with actor Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness!

Sep 25, 2016, 20:09 PM IST

Cate Blanchett adds new bundle of joy to her brood

 Cate Blanchett has adopted a baby girl, Edith Vivian Patricia Upton, with her husband Andrew Upton.

Mar 07, 2015, 17:33 PM IST

Hugh Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness is a whiz at 'parallel car parking'

 Deborra-Lee Furness can add a new talent to her list. A 'skilled parallel parker!'

Jan 05, 2015, 17:02 PM IST

Hugh Jackman was scared of darkness

Actor Hugh Jackman says he was a "fearful" child and was particularly scared of the dark.

May 05, 2014, 07:15 AM IST

Hugh Jackman exhausted with workout regime

Hugh Jackman has got a muscular look with his tough fitness regime but he found the whole process exhausting.

Sep 28, 2013, 16:21 PM IST

Family most important for Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, who is married to actress Deborra-Lee Furness, gives priority to his family life over his career.

Sep 23, 2013, 18:52 PM IST

I`m very charming, says Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is talking in a self-admiring way and calls himself charming.

Jul 18, 2013, 08:33 AM IST

Hugh Jackman gushes about wife Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman has opened up about his spouse of 17 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, claiming that he still feels like a newlywed.

Jul 12, 2013, 14:34 PM IST

My wife has to quit acting for me: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman thinks his hugely successful career has stifled his wife`s chances of becoming an A-list actress.

Dec 21, 2012, 09:35 AM IST