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Flight MH370

Malaysia says search resumes for missing flight MH370

Malaysia kicked off a new search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on Monday.

Jan 23, 2018, 16:13 PM IST

Malaysia withdraws MH370 reward offer as search ends

 The Malaysian Government has withdrawn its offer of a reward to find the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 after the search for the missing aircraft officially ended on Monday.

Jan 23, 2017, 15:23 PM IST

Relatives of Flight 370 victims to meet Australian searchers

Relatives of some of the 239 passengers and crew lost in the missing Malaysia airliner will fly to Australia tomorrow in a quest to better understand developments in the search for wreckage and to find some closure more than two years after the tragedy, the daughter of a missing passenger said today.

Sep 05, 2016, 15:44 PM IST

'Don't abandon search for MH370,' plead families of victims

Families of those lost on flight MH370 pleaded on Thursday for authorities to continue hunting for the Malaysia Airlines jet on the eve of a meeting that could decide how much longer the frustrating deep-sea search continues.

Jul 22, 2016, 04:00 AM IST

MH370 search: New debris found on Madagascar beach

MH370, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, had 239 people on board when it vanished in March 2014. The plane is presumed to have crashed in the ocean.

Jun 10, 2016, 16:32 PM IST

Debris reaches Australia for MH370 analysis

Two pieces of debris found in Mozambique have arrived in Australia for experts to determine if they came from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, an official said.

Mar 21, 2016, 16:12 PM IST

Likely piece of doomed Flight MH370 found in Mozambique?

A piece of wreckage from a Boeing 777, likely from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that mysteriously vanished nearly two years ago with 239 people, was found washed ashore on the coast of Mozambique, a media report today quoted a US official as saying.

Mar 02, 2016, 22:53 PM IST

Malaysia confirms plane debris is from Flight MH370

Debris found on an Indian Ocean island last week is from MH370, Malaysia`s Prime Minister announced on Thursday, confirming for the first time that the plane which mysteriously disappeared 17 months ago had crashed.

Aug 05, 2015, 23:30 PM IST

Search area for Flight MH370 to double if plane not found

 Government ministers from Australia, China and Malaysia on Thursday said they would double the search area for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 if wreckage is not found in the current target area.

Apr 16, 2015, 14:46 PM IST

Australia PM suggests MH370 search could be scaled back

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Thursday suggested the search for missing Flight MH370 may be scaled back, while expressing hope the jet would be found a year after it vanished.

Mar 05, 2015, 12:24 PM IST

MH370 families trapped in ‘black hole’ one year later

Chinese businessman Li Hua suffered a stroke, has considered suicide, and his wife has been hospitalised with heart trouble, all since their daughter went missing on flight MH370.

Mar 04, 2015, 10:13 AM IST

'MH370 may have been shot down by US military after hijack'

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared with 239 people on board may have been shot down by the US military fearing a hijack and a 9/11-style attack, a French ex-airline boss has claimed.

Dec 23, 2014, 19:04 PM IST

Flight MH370 mystery: Still no answers

Six months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people on board disappeared in the Indian Ocean, aviation experts are still clueless over the world's greatest aviation mystery.

Sep 07, 2014, 19:55 PM IST

Malaysia shoots down MH370 report naming pilot as suspect

Malaysia on Monday rejected as "speculation" a report in a British newspaper which alleged that the pilot of the missing Flight MH370 was a prime suspect behind the baffling disappearance of the aircraft.

Jun 23, 2014, 20:01 PM IST

Australia rules out swathe of ocean as MH370 crash zone

Australia on Thursday ruled out a large swathe of Indian Ocean as Flight MH370`s final resting place after a lengthy underwater hunt, as a US Navy official queried whether the missing plane ever went there.

May 29, 2014, 11:57 AM IST

Malaysia says to review all data to pinpoint missing flight`s location

Malaysia has agreed with China and Australia to re-examine all data related to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to better pinpoint its last location, the acting transport minister said on Thursday, as the hunt for the jet enters a new phase.

May 15, 2014, 20:37 PM IST

Malaysia Airlines has `work to do` fixing image: CEO

Malaysia Airlines, which was already haemorrhaging cash in the face of intense competition, has "got a lot of work to do" recovering from the disappearance of MH370, its CEO said Monday.

Apr 07, 2014, 19:12 PM IST

MH370 `black box` ship due in search zone

Australian navy vessel Ocean Shield, which is fitted with a US-supplied "black box" detector, was Friday expected in the area being scoured for wreckage of Flight MH370 as 14 planes continued the arduous search.

Apr 04, 2014, 06:21 AM IST

US military has spent $3.3 mn on Malaysia Airlines search: Pentagon

The US military has spent more than USD 3.3 million on the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and has put in place plans that nearly double the original USD 4 million available for the hunt, a Pentagon spokesman said on Wednesday.

Apr 03, 2014, 04:02 AM IST

Sub joins MH370 hunt ahead of Malaysian PM visit to Perth

The protracted search for missing Flight MH370 was boosted Wednesday by the arrival of a British submarine in the Indian Ocean ahead of a visit to Australia by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Apr 02, 2014, 05:36 AM IST