No power can stop Kashmir from becoming heaven again: Rajnath Singh

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who is on a four-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, on Sunday reiterated that he is willing to have discussion with anyone with an open heart to bring peace to the Valley.

Sep 10, 2017, 13:29 PM IST

Marriage not made in heaven in Islam: Shabana Azmi

Veteran actress-activist Shabana Azmi believes marriage is not made in heaven in Islam and that it's a contract.

Aug 29, 2017, 14:44 PM IST

Is there life after death?

Thousands have claimed to have had Near Death Experience (NDE), but scientists think it's impossible.

May 25, 2015, 17:16 PM IST

Revealed: Valery Spiridonov to become subject of the world's first ever head transplant!

A 30 year old Russian man has recently announced that he will become the subject of the first human head transplant ever performed.Yes, you heard it right!

Apr 10, 2015, 21:39 PM IST

Jammu & Kashmir: Heaven reels under nature's threat

The flood fury in Jammu and Kashmir has worsened due to heavy rains over the past four days.

Sep 06, 2014, 21:24 PM IST

`Bigg Boss 7`: Gauahar Khan wins!

In a scintillating end to the seventh season of `Bigg Boss`, Gauahar Khan has emerged as the winner.

Dec 29, 2013, 09:05 AM IST

'Bigg Boss 7' Finale: Moments before Gauahar Khan`s win

The final moments of `Bigg Boss 7` were full of all the drama and the entertainment that one hopes from the show.

Dec 29, 2013, 01:27 AM IST

Angels have no wings, says Catholic `angelologist`

Angels exist but do not have wings and are more like shards of light, at least according to a top Catholic Church "angelologist" who says the heavenly beings are now back in vogue thanks to New Age religions.

Dec 20, 2013, 17:41 PM IST

`Bigg Boss 7`: No food for the inmates for 24 hours

The house and its inmates are suffering the wrath of ‘Bigg Boss as he decided to take action against the people who have been breaking its rules.

Nov 25, 2013, 20:25 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Apurva Agnihotri gets evicted

Apurva Agnihotri was eliminated from reality show `Bigg Boss- Saath 7` Saturday. The actor maintained cordial relationships with all the housemates but was seen to be good friends with TV actor Kushal Tandon.

Nov 03, 2013, 12:48 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Now Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee have a fight

The love stories inside the house are going awry in the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ world. Kushal Tandon has left the premises already, hand in hand with Gauhar Khan, even though Gauhar has come back, she has been constantly wishing for Kushal to come back.

Nov 02, 2013, 13:20 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Inmates shop for Diwali!

In a Diwali surprise for the house mates at the popular television reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’, a special sale was organised.

Nov 01, 2013, 18:52 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar Khan says she doesn’t love Kushal Tandon

After the exit of television actor Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan, the episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ aired on Thursday night saw Gauhar come back. Reports say that she is back on intervention from her family. Gauhar Khan’s mother and sister flew down to convince the actress to come back to the show.

Nov 01, 2013, 17:57 PM IST

`Bigg Boss 7`: I`ve nothing against Salman Khan says Kushal Tandon

Small screen actor Kushal Tandon might have got an earful from actor Salman Khan for his bad behaviour, but he says he has nothing against the host of reality show `Bigg Boss - Saath 7` and still considers him his inspiration.

Oct 31, 2013, 21:23 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: After the night long drama, Gauhar Khan to return

As everybody knows the explosive Kushal Tandon and his alleged lady love Gauhar Khan have left the Bigg Boss house in the latest episode. And this time it looked that Kushal really went overboard with losing his temper.

Oct 31, 2013, 20:09 PM IST

Almost all of them in `Bigg Boss` betrayed me: Asif AZim

Bangladeshi model and aspiring actor Asif Azim says that his co-inmates in `Bigg Boss - Saath 7` were unfair to him and played dirty politics with him. He feels the game is all bout TRPs and politics.

Oct 27, 2013, 21:54 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan and `Bigg Boss` dhamakas!

The beginning of the latest episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 7 shows Salman Khan in a `Caravan` parked in a set.

Oct 27, 2013, 16:01 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Kushal-Gauhar vs Tanishaa-Armaan

Bigg Boss 7 is always full of controversies, through all its seasons. ‘Complex love stories’ however are the toast of this season.

Oct 25, 2013, 21:15 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa and Armaan cozy up!

In the latest episode of the popular reality show Big Boss 7, the heaven and hell concept has finally been done away with. New controversies are now emerging in the show.

Oct 20, 2013, 09:36 AM IST

Complaint against Salman, Bigg Boss-7 for `insulting religion`

An activist has filed a complaint with the magistrate`s court against producers of a TV reality show `Bigg Boss-7`, anchored by actor Salman Khan, alleging that it hurt religious sentiments by insulting a religion.

Oct 18, 2013, 19:06 PM IST