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Human speech

14-year-old killer whale successfully imitates human speech

 During previous studies, Wikie had already been trained to respond to commands like 'copy' or 'do that'.

Feb 02, 2018, 11:16 AM IST

Rocky, the Orangutan, mimics human sounds – Watch it to believe it

Rocky, the Orangutan, from his home at the Indianapolis Zoo, has very effortlessly imitated sounds changing the pitch and tone to imitate the researcher.

Jul 28, 2016, 10:56 AM IST

Apes may learn behaviour needed for human speech

Challenging the perception that humans are the only primates with the capacity for speech, new research has found that gorillas too can learn new vocal and breathing-related behaviours -- key requirements for human speech.

Aug 14, 2015, 13:58 PM IST

Brain's seat of speech shuts down when we talk

A brain area, long recognised as the command centre for human speech, actually shuts down when we talk, scientists have found.

Feb 22, 2015, 18:31 PM IST

Climate affects development of human speech

Finding a correlation between climate and the evolution of language, researchers say that languages with complex tones are much more likely to occur in the world's humid regions.

Jan 24, 2015, 21:04 PM IST

How human speech influences young infants

A new theory has suggested that human speech has a surprising influence on young infants.

Jan 06, 2015, 13:40 PM IST

Pooches understand what you say just as humans do

A new study has revealed some of the first evidence of how dogs also differentiate and process those various components of human speech.

Nov 27, 2014, 10:43 AM IST

Speech requires both sides of brain

Humans need both sides of their brain for speech, according to a study today that could rewrite therapy for people verbally impaired by a stroke.

Jan 16, 2014, 04:32 AM IST

Soon, device that turns your dog`s thoughts into human speech

No more woof! Swedish researchers are developing the world`s first headset that can translate your pet dog`s thoughts into English words.

Dec 24, 2013, 14:05 PM IST

Primate calls help infants form `categories` just like human speech

A new research has found that for 3 and 4-month-old infants, non-human primate vocalizations promoted object categorization, mirroring exactly the effects of human speech, but that by six months, non-human primate vocalizations no longer had this effect.

Sep 03, 2013, 14:36 PM IST

Monkeys` lip-smacking sounds resemble human speech

The vocal lip-smacks that gelada monkeys use in friendly encounters have surprising similarities to human speech, a study has revealed.

Apr 09, 2013, 14:13 PM IST

Monkey lip smacks shed light on evolution of human speech

Scientists have supported the idea that human speech evolved less from vocalizations than from communicative facial gestures.

Jun 02, 2012, 13:32 PM IST