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Giraffes facing 'silent extinction', population shrinks by 40% due to habitat loss

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in 1985, there were between 151,000 and 163,000 giraffes but the number was down to 97,562 in 2015.

Dec 08, 2016, 11:07 AM IST

This is unfortunate! Bumble Bees to soon become an official part of the endangered species list

The IUCN Red List of Endangered Species has already listed the rusty patched bumble bee as endangered.  

Sep 29, 2016, 21:54 PM IST

Eastern gorilla now critically endangered due to illegal hunting

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, or IUCN, has listed the eastern gorilla as critically endangered in its latest "red list" of threatened species. 

Sep 05, 2016, 08:38 AM IST

New coffee tree species from Honduras critically endangered

The researcehers found that the Cusuco National Park was not only of high biodiversity, but to also contain rare and hitherto unknown plant and animal species.

Oct 14, 2015, 15:32 PM IST

A third of cacti facing extinction: Study

Cacti are crucial links in the food chains of many animals, including humans.

Oct 06, 2015, 01:48 AM IST

Rising sea level poses threat to Bengal tigers: IUCN

Rising sea levels caused by climate change threaten to wipe out Sundarbans, a large mangrove forest area shared by India and Bangladesh, and thus world's beautiful Bengal tigers, according to a leading conservation organisation.

Jul 29, 2015, 19:59 PM IST

World’s largest flower 'Amorphophallus Titanum' blooms in Tokyo after 5 years!

Behold the wonders of nature! Flowers are nature's most beautiful creations, but how will you feel seeing a 6.5 feet high flower towering above you ?

Jul 27, 2015, 11:04 AM IST

Five NGOs to secure 100 elephant corridors in India

 Five NGOs have come together to raise 20 million pounds for securing 100 elephant corridors in India by 2025 to curb increasing fragmentation of forests as well as human-elephant conflict, it was announced on Wednesday.

Jul 01, 2015, 22:26 PM IST

Saving the king of beasts: The endangered Asiatic Lions

The esoteric jungles of India are home to an array of majestic beasts walking in glory! Gir in India's Gujarat is one such abode to the Asiatic lions and the only home of the Asiatic lion in Asia.

May 07, 2015, 20:03 PM IST

Kaziranga National Park sees rise in rhino poaching; 9 killed this year

Nine rhinos have been killed in Kaziranga National Park in Assam this year, a new report has said.

Mar 23, 2015, 10:16 AM IST

India, Bhutan experts join hands to save black-necked crane

Described by environmentalists as a symbol of the "cultural identity of the Himalayan ecosystem", the black-necked crane is facing a grim battle for survival now prompting experts in India and Bhutan to call for regional cooperation for the conservation of the species.

Feb 15, 2015, 12:37 PM IST

Pollution threatens Western Ghats' freshwater ecosystems: Study

Diverse freshwater ecosystems of the Western Ghats and a large variety of species they contain face the "highest level of threat" due to pollution and mining in the world's most heavily populated biodiversity hotspot, according to a study.

Dec 28, 2014, 09:28 AM IST

Arabian Sea humpback isolated for 70,000 years

  In the Arabian Sea, the usually migratory humpback whale has stayed isolated for approximately 70,000 years, says a study.

Dec 04, 2014, 11:38 AM IST

Animal rights group asks Kerala govt to observe 'Reptile Day'

Animal rights activists today urged Kerala government to organise awareness programmes highlighting the significance of reptile conservation to mark the "National Reptile Awareness Day".

Oct 20, 2014, 18:23 PM IST

Caribbean coral reefs could vanish in 20 years

Many of the Caribbean`s coral reefs could vanish in the next 20 years, according to a new report which found that healthy coral reefs have declined by about 50 per cent in the past four decades.

Jul 02, 2014, 18:12 PM IST

Great Himalayan National Park nominated for World Heritage tag

The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) of Himachal Pradesh has been nominated for the prestigious UNESCO-approved World Heritage Site status.

May 11, 2014, 10:36 AM IST

Poaching of tigers on in protected forests: Study

Poachers are hunting down big cats in highly secured protected forests in the country despite having programmes involving crores of rupees for their conservation, two major global conservation organisations claimed.

Apr 28, 2014, 13:05 PM IST

25% of sharks and rays at high risk of extinction

A new assessment by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has revealed that a quarter of the world`s sharks and rays are at risk of extinction.

Jan 22, 2014, 12:40 PM IST

BNHS calls for human intervention to save endangered bird species

Citing the importance of human role in the preservation of wildlife, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has urged to conserve species, particularly the endangered ones, through research and people support.

Oct 09, 2013, 18:57 PM IST

India urged to increase park security to protect rhinos

Concerned over growing incidents of poaching of rhinos, five Asian rhino range nations in a resolution asked India to take measures, including increased level of security to wildlife parks, to protect the vulnerable species.

Oct 06, 2013, 11:04 AM IST