NASA's Mars probe beams back selfie to mark four years in orbit

Next year, researchers will initiate an aerobraking manoeuvre by skimming the spacecraft through Mars' upper atmosphere to slow it.

Sep 24, 2018, 16:46 PM IST

Google won't deploy AI to build military weapons: Pichai

Pichai said Google will design AI systems to be appropriately cautious, and seek to develop them in accordance with best practices in AI safety research.

Jun 08, 2018, 14:46 PM IST

NASA’s MAVEN reveals how Sun stripped Mars' atmosphere

Since its launched in November 2013, MAVEN has come up with multiple discoveries, revealing how the Sun stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere.

Jun 17, 2017, 22:33 PM IST

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft reveals Mars has metal in its atmosphere

The metal ions can reveal previously invisible activity in the mysterious electrically charged upper atmosphere (ionosphere) of the Red Planet.

Apr 11, 2017, 12:25 PM IST

NASA's MAVEN makes unscheduled maneuver to avoid hitting Mars' moon 'Phobos'

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017, the spacecraft carried out a rocket motor burn that boosted its velocity by 0.4 meters per second (less than 1 mile per hour). 

Mar 03, 2017, 10:48 AM IST

NASA's MAVEN gives unprecedented ultraviolet views of Mars! (Watch)

New images from MAVEN show the ultraviolet glow from the Martian atmosphere in unprecedented detail, revealing dynamic, previously invisible behavior. 

Oct 18, 2016, 11:14 AM IST

When comet flyby wreaked havoc around Mars!

MAVEN’s sensitive magnetometer showed that the comet flyby threw Mars' magnetic field into chaos and the effect was profound although temporary.

Mar 11, 2016, 20:01 PM IST

New NASA images may solve mystery of Mars moon Phobos

The MAVEN data, when fully analysed, will also help scientists look for organic molecules on the surface.

Mar 01, 2016, 14:35 PM IST

Space mission: India, US explore collaboration avenues

The Mars Working Group of the two countries, which met Thursday, sought to identify and implement goals that NASA and ISRO share on Mars exploration.

Feb 26, 2016, 00:16 AM IST

Biggest revelation on Mars: Transformation of habitable to dead - Watch

NASA has made it's biggest revelation Mars yet! Read on to know more.

Nov 06, 2015, 13:50 PM IST

NASA's MAVEN probe reveals speed of solar winds stripping Mars atmosphere

New data from the MAVEN have enabled researchers to determine the rate at which the Martian atmosphere currently is losing gas to space via stripping by the solar wind.  

Nov 06, 2015, 01:04 AM IST

NASA to reveal new findings on fate of Mars' atmosphere today

NASA will announce the key science findings from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing today.

Nov 03, 2015, 18:16 PM IST

Mars mystery solved? NASA to reveal it today

The US space agency NASA is all set to announce major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news pres conference at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Monday, September 28.

Sep 28, 2015, 11:36 AM IST

NASA deploys new system to avoid traffic jams at Mars

 Five active spacecrafts are now orbiting the Red Planet, including one from India, leaving NASA with no option but to beef up traffic monitoring, communication and manoeuvre planning to ensure that Mars orbiters do not collide with one another.

Aug 02, 2015, 17:49 PM IST

MAVEN's first results may offer clues to how Mars lost atmosphere

The first results from NASA's MAVEN mission may be able to provide clues regarding how Mars lost its atmosphere to space over time.

Dec 16, 2014, 12:59 PM IST

India, US set up joint working group for Mars studies

India and the US have set up an ISRO-NASA joint working group to explore the possibility of enhancing cooperation for the study of Mars, the government said Wednesday.

Dec 03, 2014, 18:23 PM IST

Comet debris may lead to long-term changes in Martian atmosphere: NASA

NASA has revealed that the debris of a wayward comet that buzzed by Mars has had temporary effects on the planet's upper atmosphere, but can also lead to possible longer-term changes.

Nov 08, 2014, 11:00 AM IST

Comet Siding Spring whizzes past Mars

A comet the size of a small mountain and about as solid as a pile of talcum powder whizzed past Mars on Sunday, dazzling space enthusiasts with the once-in-a-million-years encounter.

Oct 20, 2014, 14:03 PM IST

NASA orbiters set for close encounter with comet near Mars

A comet called C/2013 A1 or Siding Spring will pass within about 139,500 kms of Mars Sunday, NASA said in a statement.

Oct 18, 2014, 15:14 PM IST

NASA and ISRO join hands for future Mars missions

NASA and ISRO have agreed to cooperate on future explorations of Mars, which America believes will yield "tangible benefits" to both the countries and the world at large.

Oct 01, 2014, 10:32 AM IST