moral education

Bill for compulsory teaching of Bhagavad Gita in Lok Sabha

A bill to provide compulsory teaching of Bhagvad Gita as moral education subject in educational institutions was among 103 private members bills introduced in the Lok Sabha on Friday.

Mar 10, 2017, 18:42 PM IST

Ali Fazal sponsors self-defence for girls in his family

It all started when Ali's cousin in London took up martial arts. He was then driven to enrol his relatives in Lucknow and Allahabad to learn martial arts and other self-defence techniques. 

Jan 23, 2017, 19:57 PM IST

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: Does lack of moral education make people less grateful?

This week Dr Subhash Chandra Show will be aired from TA Pai Management Institute in Manipal, Karnataka. Dr Chandra talks about the importance of Gratitude in our lives.

Jul 25, 2015, 23:02 PM IST

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat stresses on moral education

Ruing that prosperity accompanied by material success has made the people selfish and self-centred, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday emphasized on the dissemination of moral education to make the society a better place to live in.

Mar 31, 2015, 21:13 PM IST

Impart moral education to curb elopement: Court to parents

To curb elopement and runaway marriages, parents should impart moral education in their children instead of filing false rape cases, Delhi court observed while acquitting a youth of kidnap and rapw.

Nov 04, 2013, 13:58 PM IST

NCERT to look into resuming moral education at school

Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry has asked NCERT to look into the possibility of resuming moral and value-based education at elementary level.

Oct 28, 2012, 12:02 PM IST

Delhi CM seeks greater focus on moral education in schools

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit
Friday sought greater focus on moral education in city schools, saying the society needs "honest and upright" citizens to take the country to greater heights.

Nov 19, 2010, 16:21 PM IST