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Our memories reside in specific brain cells: MIT researchers

The researchers used optogenetics to show that memories really do reside in very specific brain cells, and that simply activating a tiny fraction of brain cells can recall an entire memory.

Oct 25, 2015, 00:19 AM IST

Researchers control heart rhythm by light

Researchers were able to control the direction of spiralling electrical waves in heart cells using computer-generated light patterns.

Oct 20, 2015, 18:14 PM IST

Indian-American scientist uses sound waves to control brain cells

In a first, an Indian American researcher from Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California has developed a new way to selectively activate brain, heart, muscle and other cells using ultrasonic sound waves.

Sep 16, 2015, 20:03 PM IST

New pills may help combat depression, anxiety

 A new research can prove to be a break-through in brain using light and raising hopes for a new class of drugs to treat psychiatric diseases.

May 04, 2015, 20:53 PM IST

Brain chemical makes humans more patient

The brain chemical serotonin that is widely targeted to treat depression also helps humans have patience in life, researchers report.

Jan 16, 2015, 15:21 PM IST

Neuron transmission observed live for the first time

 Using a new approach that combines genetics with the physics of light, researchers have observed and measured neuronal transmission in a live animal for the first time.

Dec 28, 2014, 12:32 PM IST

How brain retrieves specific memories

A team of US researchers has used light to erase specific memories in mice, giving an impetus to the basic theory of how different parts of the brain work together to retrieve episodic memories.

Oct 10, 2014, 12:32 PM IST

Tweaking brain circuits may cure autism

In a ray of hope for people suffering from autism, researchers have discovered neuron populations in a region of the mouse brain that controls whether the animal engages in social behaviour or asocial repetitive self-grooming behaviour.

Sep 14, 2014, 17:51 PM IST

New technology controls brain activity with light-sensitive protein

Scientists have revealed that a new technology, Optogenetics, allowing them to control brain activity by shining light on neurons and relies on light-sensitive protein s that can suppress or stimulate electrical signals within cells.

Jun 30, 2014, 13:53 PM IST

Lights to switch off anxiety and depression?

Offering new insights into how depression and anxiety originate, scientists have now discovered a model to control serotonin signalling pathways either with blue or red light.

Apr 08, 2014, 23:02 PM IST

Decoded: Skin cells that sense touch

In a ground-breaking research, scientists have resolved the age-old mystery of touch - how cells just beneath the skin surface enable us to feel fine details and textures.

Apr 07, 2014, 11:30 AM IST

Stimulating brain cells can stop binge boozing: Study

Researchers have used the emerging technique of optogenetics, which uses light to stimulate neurons, to change alcohol drinking behaviour in rodents.

Jan 07, 2014, 09:53 AM IST

Monkeys` behaviour controlled with light

researchers have shown that they can control the behaviour of monkeys by using pulses of blue light to very specifically activate particular brain cells.

Jul 27, 2012, 14:38 PM IST

Cocaine abuse may disrupt brain`s reward system

Repeated exposure to cocaine reduces the activity of a protein essential for normal functioning of the brain`s reward system.

Apr 23, 2012, 18:20 PM IST

Memories can be turn on by stimulating brain cells: Study

The technique, called optogenetics, is a powerful medium that shows memories reside in specific cells in the brain and that they can be turned on.

Apr 02, 2012, 16:21 PM IST