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Fighting in Yemen kills at least 48 over past 24 hours

Yemeni security officials say fighting on several fronts in the impoverished nation has killed at least 48 people over the past day.

Jun 16, 2016, 00:05 AM IST

Pro-govt forces retake fifth south Yemen province: Army

Saudi-supported forces loyal to Yemen`s exiled government on Saturday retook a fifth province in the country`s south, military officials said, as they continued their advance against Iran-backed rebels.

Aug 15, 2015, 13:48 PM IST

Drone attack in Yemen kills suspected al Qaeda militants: Sources

A drone attack killed two suspected al Qaeda militants in the southern Yemeni province of Shabwa on Monday, local residents told Reuters, the latest in a series of strikes in the country gripped by political turmoil.

Mar 02, 2015, 15:20 PM IST

US drone strike in Yemen kills four militants

A US drone strike in southern Yemen killed at least four Al Qaeda terrorists, Xinhua reported Saturday, citing a government official.

Feb 01, 2015, 04:17 AM IST

Pro-secession gunmen seize military sites in Yemen

 Dozens of pro-secession gunmen took control of several military and security checkpoints in southern Yemen Saturday, a government official told Xinhua.

Jan 24, 2015, 22:46 PM IST

Thirteen killed in failed US hostage rescue bid in Yemen

A woman, a 10-year-old boy and a local al Qaeda leader were among at least 11 people killed alongside two Western hostages when US-led forces fought Islamist militants in a failed rescue mission in Yemen, residents said on Sunday. 

Dec 08, 2014, 09:04 AM IST

18 `Qaeda` gunmen, 7 Yemeni soldiers killed in clashes

Seven Yemeni soldiers and 18 suspected al Qaeda militants were killed today in confrontations in southern and southeastern provinces, security officials and the Defence Ministry said.

Aug 06, 2014, 21:07 PM IST

Two Yemeni soldiers, `Qaeda` gunman killed in clash

Two Yemeni soldiers and a suspected al Qaeda gunman have been killed in a clash following an ambush in the southern province of Shabwa, security and tribal sources said.

Jul 18, 2014, 14:28 PM IST

Yemen says 500 al Qaeda militants killed in 5-week offensive

Yemeni forces have killed 500 suspected Al-Qaeda militants in an all-out offensive against them in their southern strongholds that began on April 29, the army spokesman said on Thursday.

Jun 05, 2014, 18:36 PM IST

Al Qaeda leader killed in south Yemen

Yemeni security forces killed an al Qaeda prominent figure in the latest fighting in an offensive against the militant group in the south of the country, the Defense Ministry has said.

May 24, 2014, 04:29 AM IST

Six Al Qaeda men killed in Yemeni air strike

At least six Al Qaeda militants were killed when their convoy was bombed by Yemeni military helicopters in Yemen`s south-eastern province of Shabwa Tuesday, authorities said.

May 14, 2014, 01:57 AM IST

Yemeni warplanes strike al Qaeda hideouts, 3 killed

Yemeni military warplanes Friday carried out an attack on two hideouts of the al Qaeda in the southeastern province of Shabwa, killing three terrorists and injuring seven others.Yemeni military warplanes Friday carried out an attack on two hideouts of the al Qaida in the southeastern province of Shabwa, killing three terrorists and injuring seven others.

Sep 20, 2013, 21:14 PM IST

Nine soldiers killed in Yemen

A suicide car bomb went off at a military checkpoint near Yemen`s LNG plant in Balhaf port in the southeastern province of Shabwa Sunday.

Jun 03, 2013, 00:00 AM IST