tejas express mumbai to goa

Despite leaving Goa 3 hours late, Tejas Express reaches Mumbai a minute early

Tejas Express reached Mumbai at 7.44pm, a minute early than the exact arrival time.

Jun 12, 2017, 15:34 PM IST

SHAMEFUL! Tejas Express makes maiden run from Mumbai to Goa, returns with damaged infotainment and missing headphones

Upon its return from Goa, Tejas Express had fewer headphones, damaged infotainment screens and waste strewn all over.

May 25, 2017, 12:49 PM IST

Tejas Express set to make journey from Mumbai to Goa; Suresh Prabhu inspects high-speed premium train

The first of the Tejas brand of trains, equipped with modern facilities, will run from Mumbai to Goa on May 22.

May 20, 2017, 11:32 AM IST