Thailand protests

Angry crowd riots on Phuket after 2 killed in police crash

An angry crowd hurled homemade fire bombs and torched vehicles at a police station on Thailand's resort island of Phuket to protest the deaths of two young men who died in a motorcycle crash while being chased by police, authorities said on Sunday.

Oct 11, 2015, 14:17 PM IST

Thai junta to keep tight grip after transfer of power

Thailand`s military makes way for a new administration in coming weeks, but the generals will keep a tight grip on power by filling an interim cabinet and legislature with soldiers, military sources said on Wednesday.

Jul 30, 2014, 17:57 PM IST

Opposition leader proposes talks to steer Thailand out of turmoil

A Thai opposition leader has proposed to hold talks with the embattled government of premier Yingluck Shinawatra to steer the country out of months-long political turmoil.

Apr 26, 2014, 18:30 PM IST

Thai opposition protesters stage mass rally

Tens of thousands of Thai opposition protesters marched through Bangkok Saturday calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who faces a possible ban from politics for alleged negligence.

Mar 29, 2014, 13:38 PM IST

Thai `popcorn gunman` says he was hired by protesters

A Thai gunman who gained national notoriety after opening fire at a political clash with an assault rifle in a popcorn bag said Thursday he had been hired by anti-government protesters.

Mar 20, 2014, 14:05 PM IST

Criminal lawsuit filed against Thai PM over protesters death

Thailand`s premier Yingluck Shinawatra could face legal action after relatives of two anti-government protesters, who died during clashes with police, filed a criminal lawsuit against her.

Mar 11, 2014, 21:00 PM IST

Thai anti-govt protesters target PM again despite hint of talks

Protesters in Thailand said they will rally at ministries and companies linked to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Friday, keeping up pressure on her to resign despite a vague proposal of talks from their leader.

Feb 28, 2014, 10:06 AM IST

Let`s talk live on TV: Thai protest leader

Thailand`s anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban Thursday agreed to hold talks with caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on the condition that the talks are one-on-one and broadcast live on TV.

Feb 27, 2014, 16:31 PM IST

Thai protest leader proposes talks on TV

Thailand`s anti-government People`s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep Thaugsuban Thursday agreed to hold talks with caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, provided the negotiations are one-on-one and televised live, media reported.

Feb 27, 2014, 14:51 PM IST

Thai PM faces graft charges as standoff slips out of control

Thailand`s anti-corruption agency is to bring charges of negligence against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thursday as anti-government protesters demand her ouster in a violence-pocked standoff that is slipping out of control.

Feb 27, 2014, 10:17 AM IST

Armed men guarding Thai protest leaders, says official

Leaders of anti-government protestors are being guarded by about 500 gun-carrying men at several protest sites in the heart of Thailand`s capital Bangkok, said a high-level government official Tuesday.

Feb 25, 2014, 20:01 PM IST

Divided Thailand faces warnings of civil war

Thailand risks sliding into civil war after a wave of political violence in which 22 people have been killed, officials warned Tuesday as the unrest claimed the life of a fourth child.

Feb 25, 2014, 17:04 PM IST

Thai protesters turn in SIM cards seen linked to PM`s family

Some Thai anti-government protesters followed the advice of their leader on Saturday, shunning products of firms linked to the family of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and handing back cellphone SIM cards.

Feb 22, 2014, 15:44 PM IST

Thai anti-govt protesters lambasted for targeting business

Supporters of Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, the target of weeks of sometimes violent street protests, denounced opposition threats against businesses linked to her family on Saturday ahead of a gathering of their leaders.

Feb 22, 2014, 12:29 PM IST

Thai PM to be charged with neglect of duty

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will be charged with neglect of duty over a rice farm subsidy scheme and could be removed from office if found guilty, an anti-graft panel announced Tuesday.

Feb 18, 2014, 14:11 PM IST

Thai policeman shot dead in protest clashes

A Thai policeman was shot dead as security forces clashed with opposition protesters during an operation to reclaim besieged government buildings in Bangkok Tuesday, resulting in dozens of injuries and arrests.

Feb 18, 2014, 12:05 PM IST

Clashes, arrests as Thai police raid protest sites

Thai riot police clashed with opposition protesters during an operation to seize back besieged government buildings in Bangkok on Tuesday, resulting in at least 25 injuries and dozens of arrests.

Feb 18, 2014, 11:28 AM IST

Thailand seeks international support to condemn anti-govt protesters

Thailand on Thursday appealed to foreign governments and global bodies to condemn the anti-government protesters.

Feb 13, 2014, 20:52 PM IST

Thai opposition approaches court to annul snap polls

The opposition in Thailand today approached a court to annul Sunday`s controversial snap polls, the latest in a host of problems facing the caretaker government of beleaguered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Feb 04, 2014, 18:19 PM IST

Thai government considers state of emergency after weekend violence

Thai authorities are "very seriously" considering a state of emergency after a weekend of violence in the capital where protesters have been trying for more than two months to bring down the government, the security chief said on Monday.

Jan 20, 2014, 12:08 PM IST