Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta sworn in, rival Raila Odinga promises own inauguration

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for a second term on Tuesday.

Nov 28, 2017, 19:43 PM IST

Kenya's Supreme Court upholds repeat presidential vote

Kenya`s Supreme Court on Monday upheld the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta in last month`s repeat presidential vote. 

Nov 20, 2017, 14:48 PM IST

Kenya opposition warns of violence if 'forced election' arrested

Kenya's opposition rejected the nation`s election re-run as "a sham" and said on Friday that plans to reorganise voting in its western strongholds where polls did not open risked provoking further violence and should be cancelled.

Oct 27, 2017, 21:42 PM IST

Kenya Supreme Court criticises election board in verdict on polls

The court was offering a detailed ruling as to why it annulled the Aug 8 election and ordered a fresh presidential vote within 60 days.

Sep 20, 2017, 20:48 PM IST

Fuming Kenyatta hits out at judiciary over poll cancellation

The Nation newspaper warned that there was still a long road ahead: "This is not the end. The toughest journey, campaigns and elections, is yet to begin."

Sep 03, 2017, 10:11 AM IST

Kenya media hail `bombshell` court ruling to annul vote

Kenya`s press on Saturday praised the Supreme Court decision to annul last month`s presidential poll as a hard-fought victory for the rule of law, and sign of a maturing democracy.

Sep 02, 2017, 14:50 PM IST

Shock as Kenya court cancels election result, demands re-run

After the August 8 poll, Odinga and his National Super Alliance (NASA) charged that the transmission of electronic results to a national tallying centre was riddled with irregularities.

Sep 01, 2017, 16:52 PM IST

Kenya's defeated Odinga to take poll dispute to top court

Odinga has charged that the August 8 election was rigged in favour of Kenyatta through the hacking and manipulation of the electronic vote counting system.

Aug 16, 2017, 22:38 PM IST

Eleven dead in Kenya as post-election riots flare

Kenyan police killed at least 11 people in a crackdown on protests as anger at the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta erupted in the western city of Kisumu and slums ringing the capital, officials and witnesses said on Saturday.

Aug 12, 2017, 19:16 PM IST

Kenyan president wins second term

 Uhuru Kenyatta won a second term as president of Kenya in this week's election, the electoral commission said on Friday amid opposition claims of fraud.

Aug 12, 2017, 08:02 AM IST

Kenya election results hacked, says Opposition

In 2007, tallying was halted and the incumbent president declared the winner, triggering an outcry from Odinga`s camp and waves of ethnic violence that led to International Criminal Court charges against Kenyatta and his now-deputy

Aug 09, 2017, 22:34 PM IST

Kenya's president takes early lead after peaceful vote

First results began to come in on Tuesday night but a very close race means it might take three days before a winner emerges. Officially, election authorities have up to a week to declare the outcome.

Aug 08, 2017, 23:56 PM IST

Kenyan woman gives birth while waiting to vote

Kenyans are voting in six elections, including a too-close-to-call race between President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is seeking a second term, and longtime opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Aug 08, 2017, 18:46 PM IST

Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta urges peace on eve of tense election

On Tuesday Kenyans will cast ballots in six different elections, choosing governors, lawmakers, senators, county officials and women`s representatives in local races also rife with tension.

Aug 07, 2017, 22:12 PM IST

Protesters demand rapid inquiry into murder of Kenya vote official

In 2013, Odinga took his complaints to court and the elections were largely peaceful. But in 2007, he called for street demonstrations. The political protests and the ethnic violence that followed killed more than 1,200 people and forced another 600,000 to flee. 


Aug 01, 2017, 18:31 PM IST

Missing Kenya election official found dead before vote: Colleague

In 2007, he called for street protests after tallying was abruptly stopped and a winner announced. Political protests and ethnic violence killed more than 1,200 people. 

Jul 31, 2017, 18:21 PM IST

PM Modi leaves for India after four-nation African tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday emplaned for New Delhi from Nairobi, after completing his four-nation tour in the African continent.

Jul 12, 2016, 00:40 AM IST

When PM Narendra Modi mentioned beautiful Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o in his speech in Kenya

 PM Modi on Monday held talks with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on a wide range of issues.

Jul 11, 2016, 21:54 PM IST

India, Kenya bolster cooperation in defence and health

India and Kenya on Monday bolstered their cooperation in the field of defence and health with India handing over 30 field ambulances to Kenya, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the gift of a telecobalt cancer therapy machine and the setting up of a 100-bed cancer hospital in Kenya.

Jul 11, 2016, 21:08 PM IST

Terrorism poses a common challenge: PM Modi in Kenya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Monday, extended full cooperation to Kenya towards reaching its development goals.

Jul 11, 2016, 15:41 PM IST