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Changing mobile operator could now take just 2 days, not a week

Soon, two working days is all it would take for you to change your mobile operator.

Changing mobile operator could now take just 2 days, not a week
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New Delhi: In 2011, mobile users across the country received the freedom of changing mobile operators without sacrificing their contact numbers. Now, the process of Mobile Network Portability (MNP) has taken a further step towards user convenience and would soon take just two days instead of a week.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is looking to speed up the process time for mobile operator change to two working days for a better end-user experience. There are, of course, pre-conditions that must be met with before the request for portability can be processed. For starters, the user must have been a subscriber to one mobile operator for a minimum of 90 days before opting to switch out. The user also must clear all outstanding amount due to the existing operator.

If all the conditions are met with, the process request time could be 48 hours which could be a big boon - especially as many customers have complained of being harassed in the wait period by their existing operators. Mobile operators tend to call their subscribers repeatedly in a bid to dissuade them from opting out in the seven-day wait period. A reduced time period could mean swift action and fewer calls from operators.