Google makes new updates to My Business app; adds Search, Map support

The app was first released in June 2014.

Google makes new updates to My Business app; adds Search, Map support

New Delhi: Search engine giant Google has said that it has made a few updates to Google My Business, so users can now share their service areas and information about their business via Google Maps and Search.

“For business owners signing up for the first time, we’ll guide you through the setup process with prompts for your local service area business. The process kicks off with the question: “Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?" If the answer is no, you’re routed down the path tailored specifically for service-area businesses. This path lets you add the various areas you cover instead of a static address, which helps potential customers who find your business profile on Google know you serve their area,” Google wrote in its official blog.

Google said, to help present the most accurate information to customers, you can configure your service area by adding the specific postal codes or cities you cover.

If you’re an existing Google My Business user, you can already edit your business information from the Google My Business dashboard. You’ll notice that the “service area” and “storefront address” can now be edited separately—if an address isn’t applicable to your business, you can easily clear it, Google wrote.


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