Raqesh Bapat wanted to 'break TV' when Tejasswi Prakash age-shamed Shamita Shetty - Watch

In response to Raqesh Bapat, Tejasswi Prakash claimed the 'aunty' comment has to do with Shamita Shetty's 'insecurity'.

Raqesh Bapat wanted to 'break TV' when Tejasswi Prakash age-shamed Shamita Shetty - Watch

New Delhi: Days before the finale, Tejasswi Prakash called Shamita Shetty an 'aunty' during a task and it seems she's still paying the price for it as after getting slammed by Gauahar Khan and Bipasha Basu, Raqesh Bapat has confronted Tejasswi for her remarks. 

Raqesh Bapat, who left Bigg Boss 15 due to medical reasons, returned for the finale episode. Raqesh who is dating Shamita Shetty was quite upset with Tejasswi Prakash for her comment on Shamita and told her that when he saw that episode, he wanted to break the TV as he was very angry.

In the latest promo, Raqesh told Tejasswi, "Ghar mein there is no love triangle, she's not interested in Karan." But Tejasswi said that it was Shamita Shetty's insecurity and not her problem.

Raqesh further said that - "This is complete bullsh*t". Later, Shamita also chimed in and told Tejasswi that she should admit to her mistakes.

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For the unversed, here's what had happened - during a task, Tejasswi commented, ‘lo aunty chadd gayi us pe bhi’ which triggered Shamita. Tejasswi made his comment as Shamita as the hotel staff was giving a massage to Karan, the customer.

Shamita told Tejasswi ‘It’s a task and you have no business calling me an aunty.’ 

Later Shamita shouted at Karan Kundrra for not taking a stand for her. She also went on to say that Karan you should be ashamed for not taking up a stand for me as it was because of him, she didn’t respond. 

Later, Teja tried to apologise to Shamita but she wasn’t in the mood to listen to her. 

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