Bigg Boss OTT Day 13 written updates: Akshara Singh locks horns with Zeeshan Khan, calls him 'badtameez'!

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT, Akshara Singh loses her cool with Zeeshan Khan.

Bigg Boss OTT Day 13 written updates: Akshara Singh locks horns with Zeeshan Khan, calls him 'badtameez'!
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New Delhi: In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT, audiences witness one of the biggest fights in the season and it's between none other than Akshara Singh and Zeeshan Khan. However, let's start from the beginning of day 13 for the housemates in the Bigg Boss house. 

Their first task of the day is to rate each other on the basis of certain qualities such as simple, reliable, transparent, and safe. The person who gets the most votes (in form of bitcoin stickers) wins the prize. Most people thought Milind Gaba fit the bill for simple, safe and transparent and hence, added more bitcoin stickers to his scoreboard.

Later in the day, since the housemates did not have any tasks do to, the Boss Man and Boss Lady Zeeshan and Divya decided to clean up the house. Regarding this, Zeeshan realised that Akshara had many boxes that were laying in the middle of the way and were blocking paths. So, he went up to her and asked her to move them.

However, Akshara didn't like his tone and told him that she's not in a mood for it now.

Later, Zeeshan gets frustrated and tells Akshara that he will move the boxes behind the bed by himself if she's not up to the task. Akshara gets even angrier and challenges him to throw the boxes. 

Zeeshan goes into the room and moves the boxes. After this, Akshara and Zeeshan break into a huge fight. Akshara asks him "Mere baap bane hai?" to Zeeshan and tells him to mind his tone. Both of them have a screaming match and yell at the top of their voices. 


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Akshara throws all of her boxes on the floor and said that she will not clean them up. Later, Akshara throws insults at Zeeshan and tells him that he doesn't know how to talk to women. She also asked Bigg Boss to ask her to come to the confession room.

In the end, Bigg Boss asked everyone to gather in the living area and asked Akshara to not threaten Bigg Boss in the house. He also told her that Bigg Boss is not biased towards any gender and will never be. He asked her to not hurt herself as well.

The house is now divided after the fight with some siding with Zeeshan and others with Akshara. Who do you think was right?

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