Lock Upp Day 29 written updates: Karanvir Bohra gets EVICTED, Shivam Sharma breaks down into tears

Karanvir Bohra was evicted from 'Lock Upp' after wild card enteries Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar voted him out.

Lock Upp Day 29 written updates: Karanvir Bohra gets EVICTED, Shivam Sharma breaks down into tears Pic Credit: Instagram

New Delhi: At the beginning of the Kangana Ranaut-hosted reality show 'Lock Upp', Anjali Arora got furious at all the contestants after she couldn't find her hair dryer. She accused Ali Mercchant of stealing it as he got offended when she called everyone in the jail as 'cheap people'. He asked Anjali not to generalise her anger on all the inmates.

Poonam Pandey lost her cool as well and began screaming around the house, accusing people of stealing Anjali's hair dryer. Later, the hair dryer was found under a pile of clothes that were kept outside on the clothing stand. 

Anjali was relieved to find it but still suspected that Ali had kept it there. He denied all her accusations.


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Zeeshan Khan who recently entered the show chose to join the orange team.

Later, in the day's task, both the teams were asked to make coins which weigh 16g and are painted golden with L and U written on either side of the coin. The team that would make the most number of coins would win the task.

During the task, Nisha Rawal accused Munawar Faruqui of getting physical with her but he tried to explain that wasn't his intention. Finally, the blue team won the task with 57 coins while orange team only had 33 coins.

A huge personal fight also broke out between Zeeshan Khan and Shivam Sharma. The two began hurling abuses related to their family members to each other which led to Karanvir Bohra losing his cool. 


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Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar were called to the secret zone and asked to choose a contestant whom they would like to see evicted on that day itself. 

Both of them voted Karanvir Bohra to get evicted. When the jailors announced this decision, nobody in the jail could believe the news. Shivam Sharma broke down into tears as Karanvir was evicted from the show.

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