Stranded in borewell, two-year-old dies despite rescue efforts

Local officials, cops and NDRF personnel worked hard to rescue the child but were eventually unsuccessful.

Stranded in borewell, two-year-old dies despite rescue efforts

New Delhi: A two-year-old girl who fell into a borewell on Monday afternoon in Uttar Pradesh's Madihan district died despite rescue operations which lasted several hours.

The toddler reportedly fell into the open borewell at around 1600hrs on Monday. Her cries for help were heard by people in the vicinity who called officials from the local administration and police department to help them bring out the girl. That she was at a depth of 50 feet made the task extremely difficult and it was eventually decided to call in a team from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). Once at the spot, the NDRF team launched a massive rescue effort - dropping a special pipeline to provide oxygen to the victim.

Unfortunately, however, their 12-hour ordeal was not good enough for the girl who eventually died where she had fallen and despite NDRF personnel digging 20 feet of earth to allow special equipment to reach her.

An investigation into the matter has been launched.

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