This is why #RejectZomato is trending on Twitter

A Zomato customer in Tamil Nadu wasn't happy with the app's chat support being not available in Tamil.

This is why #RejectZomato is trending on Twitter
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Food delivery app Zomato has been facing wrath of many Twitter users because of the language barrier between different areas of India.

Allegedly, a Zomato user in Tamil Nadu ordered through the app, but he didn’t receive the exact things he wanted. In the quest of a refund, he contacted the app’s customer care support, but encountered some problem due to the language gap.

Apparently, the customer wanted a chat support in Tamil, but the customer care person wanted to answer in Hindi.

This triggered a conversation which made the customer ask whether Hindi is India’s national language?

A Twitter handle by the name Vikash posted the alleged conversation between him and a Zomato executive on Twitter. It soon became viral and many other joined the conversation and started trending #RejectZomato.

However, the company was quick to post its apology, but the damage was done till then.

Here’s what the netizens wrote:

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