This US girl drinks dog's urine every day; here's why

The reason will leave you shocked.

This US girl drinks dog's urine every day; here's why

If you own a pet, you know what would Google results show if you search 'Man's best friend', and if you don't have one, you can go have a look. The top answer that would reflect will be a 'dog', and a four-legged family member in the United States has also proved this.

Men and women across the world use numerous effective tips to get the most glowing skin. But a US woman named Leena has found one of the most unique hacks, which is related to her dog.

Leena's secret behind her glowing skin is that she drinks dog's urine every day which also prevents pimples. Leena said that she regularly drinks her dog urine and claims that the dog urine contains the properties of vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium. Leena says that by drinking the dog's urine, cancer can be avoided to a great extent.

Leena admitted that she felt very strange when she first drank her dog's urine and said that she had a lot of pimples on her face a few weeks ago. But following this unique 'skincare treatment', she got rid of her pimples. 

After Leena's claims, this has become a subject of discussion across the world.

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