Boris Johnson: Hailed and ridiculed in equal measure

Boris Johnson is all set to take over as UK's next PM and will be charged with finding an amicable solution to the Brexit mess that the country is currently in.

Boris Johnson: Hailed and ridiculed in equal measure Reuters Photo

Much like Brexit, opinions on Boris Johnson have been largely divided in the United Kingdom but the differences of these opinions cannot prevent the seasoned politician from becoming the next Prime Minister of a country that faces enormous political and economic turmoil.

Johnson was elected leader of the Conservative Party on Tuesday morning, paving the way for him to succeed Theresa May as UK's next PM. May had tendered a tearful resignation over Brexit in May of 2019 but has now offered her full support to Johnson as he strives for an amicable solution.

Since May's resignation, Johnson has been leading an exhaustive yet systematic campaign for the pinnacle of political power in the UK. Many say that May's resignation provided him with the best possible shot at PM's chair - an ambition he has harboured throughout a career spanning four decades.

A leader of the Brexit campaign who has also served as UK's foreign secretary, Johnson has often invited admiration and ire for his statements and for his remarks. The former London mayor, who has also had a brief stint as a journalist, faced charges of misconduct in public office in which it was alleged he had lied about UK's expenditure in the European Union while he was an MP and Mayor of London. Before this, he was fired twice on allegations of lying - first from a job in a newspaper and then for allegedly lying about an extramarital affair while he was an MP. Many see him as UK's Donald Trump.

Johnson's personality has also been a matter of much debate in the UK. Some have accused him of manipulating people for propelling his own personal interests, and for being 'insensitive.' Others say his dishevelled appearance is hardly worthy of a noted British politician who has represented the country internationally. Those who know him, including his supporters, however, claim that Johnson has a charismatic personality and can charm his way out of any situation.

For all his fails and follies, however, there can be no denying that Johnson has been able to keep himself relevant in the Conservative Party but to the entire complex web of British politics. Can he take the UK out of the murky waters of Brexit? Time will have the final say.