China developing electromagnetic rocket, claims it's better than artillery

It is claimed that electromagnetic rockets could target enemies hundreds of kilometres away and hit with devastating precision.

China developing electromagnetic rocket, claims it's better than artillery
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Looking to equip its armed forces with cutting-edge weapons, China is reportedly developing electromagnetic rockets which could be more powerful than most artillery currently in use the world over.

According to a report in state-run Global Times, China is eying deployment of electromagnetic rockets in Qinghai-Tibet plateau in the south-west region of the country. What could set these apart from conventional artillery systems is that these rockets could make use of electromagnetic force instead of explosive powder for the initial push. This possibly means that in high-altitude regions, lack of oxygen would not result in any malfunction. Military experts in the country have been quoted as saying that if put to use, these rockets could be fired at enemy hundreds of kilometres away without the need to cross mountains.

It is further claimed that electromagnetic rockets could ensure smoother trajectory of the shells, further adding to its precision and accuracy.

No other country currently has electromagnetic rockets in its arsenal. And China is not restricting the use of the technology to rockets alone.

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It is also reported that electromagnetic railguns are being tested which could potentially fire projectiles from some distance and with incredible force. The possibility of using electromagnetic technology as a catapult could also see quicker takeoffs for fighter jets on board aircraft carriers.