China's state-run media heaps praise on Narendra Modi's diplomatic outreach

Global Times recognises that PM Narendra Modi has maintained a diplomatic balance between China and the US.

China's state-run media heaps praise on Narendra Modi's diplomatic outreach File photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly underlined how India's image in the global arena has seen a massive boost since the NDA came to power. And now, even China appears to be sitting up and taking note.

Global Times, China's state-run media, recently heaped praise on PM Modi for being rational on New Delhi-Beijing issues and maintaining a diplomatic balance between China and India. "Modi is rational when it comes to China issue. During his term in office, Modi played an important role in peacefully ending the Doklam crisis," says Hu Xijin, Editor in Chief at Global Times, in a video posted on Twitter. "During Modi's time as Prime Minister, the US strongly promoted its Indo-Pacific strategy which has the clear intentions of provoking a confrontation between China and India. But Modi did not fall for the trap."

PM Modi has insisted since taking office that India's foreign policy is independent. He has hosted Barack Obama when he was still the US President as well as Chinese Premier Xi Jinping. And while there have been certain points of friction with both the US and China, PM Modi has managed to ensure that India's position remains uncompromised. This is what Xijin recognises too and feels a roadmap has been created since 2014 that would be followed regardless of which party wins the ongoing Lok Sabha election. "I believe that whoever leads India next will maintain Modi’s China policy."



Global Times' views are almost always seen as the views of Chinese administration in a country where the press is under complete control of the state. And as PM Modi seeks another term in which he promises, among others, to further build India's global image, China seeing him as a strong leader could help build bilateral relations further between the two nations.