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France: 10th person killed in 'Yellow Vest' protests

After reaching in its 6th week, the atrocities are unbearable with a large-scale violence, hence the protest turned heinous for natives.  

France: 10th person killed in 'Yellow Vest' protests

Paris: With the `Yellow Vest` protests showing no signs of abating as it enters the sixth consecutive weekend, the death toll has risen to 10.A 36-year-old man died in an accident after his car slammed into a truck in Perpignan city in southern France while encountering a blockade set up by protesters late on Friday, CNN quoted a city spokesperson as saying."At a roundabout blocked by the yellow vest protesters, a man in his car hit a truck in front of him.

The driver of the car died," the spokeswoman said.The yellow vest protesters shut down the passage to the international border between France and Spain on Saturday, as they entered into the sixth weekend of agitation, despite measures taken by the French authorities to resolve the situation.Widespread agitations have been raging on across France since November 17 against the hike in fuel prices, with thousands of protesters taking to the streets throughout the nation and donning the `gilets jaunes`, the yellow fluorescent vests that have symbolised the movement.

The French government has since rolled back its plan to increase fuel taxes, with President Emmanuel Macron announcing a minimum wage hike of 100 euros per month for the people of the nation in his "economic and social emergency plan". The demonstrators have continued with their movement regardless.The number of agitators gathered was less in numbers as compared to previous weeks, with 800 people marching in Paris alone. To prevent a repeat of the large-scale violence, authorities had tightened security